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Colour & Design Consultancy

Our Paints


Farrow & Ball offers a distinctive palette of 132 timeless colours which are renowned for their depth and complexity.  Containing only the finest ingredients, our paints respond to all types of light to bring your walls to life.  Each colour tells a story, whether it was inspired through the beauty of nature, our Dorset home, historic homes or notable people and places.  We are here to help you discover the colour or colours that will bring your home and designs to life.


Every batch of our water based paints is rigorously tested for colour consistency and durability to ensure that we have achieved the right balance for a complex and absorbing colour.  Farrow & Ball stands for tradition, quality and rich colours that will enhance your home.


All our paints are available in a complete range of eight finishes.  From our signature matte, Estate Emulsion, to our high shine, Full gloss, they are thoughtfully created for each surface of the home and garden to help you combine colour and sheen, while giving peace of mind for a long lasting finish.  Our paints are safe for you and your family to use in every room of the home.


What makes Farrow & Ball paints unique?


  • A complex blend of rich pigments and other fine quality ingredients
  • a rich hue that responds to the nuances of light throughout the day
  • An absorbing depth of colour
  • A finish that is thoroughly tested for durability and colour consistency


Our immersive paint colours are blended in such a way that the rich pigments within subtly respond to each change of light and season.  The colours themselves do not change, and we thoroughly test every batch for colour consistency.

Our Wallpaper


Farrow & Ball uses our own richly pigmented paint along with traditional block and trough printing methods to give our wallpapers a unique tactile finish, creating a seamless connection between paint and paper.


Our small team of skilled craftsmen work on bringing each approved wallpaper design to life, through a lengthy and intricate process that ensures a quality product.


From delicate florals and damasks to bold geometrics and strips, our designs are inspired by archives of timeless wallpapers, fabrics, and patterns from around the world.  When it comes to inspiration our creative team leaves no stone unturned.


Each roll of paper is created by first painting our ground colour using our richly pigmented paints and then one of three traditional printing methods is used to create our richly textured patterns.  We finish by coating our wallpaper with a specially formulated glaze to ensure a rich quality finish that is durable long after it has left our hands.  Our wallpaper is not only beautifully designed, wonderfully tactile but its tough and durable as well.


What makes our wallpaper unique?


  • Crafted using real Farrow & Ball paints
  • Created using traditional printing methods
  • A uniquely tactile look and feel
  • A seamless connection between paint & paper

Colour & Design Consultancy


Whether you’re embarking on a large renovation project or redecorating the family home, our in-home Colour & Design Consultants are on hand to help you transform your home with our paint and wallpaper.  Your Colour & Design Consultant will share tailored design advice that will suit your design style by suggesting a cohesive scheme that suits your lifestyle and a palette that will complement the period of your home.


Our Colour & Design Consultancy service is perfect for anyone who is overwhelmed with the limitless choices, short on time, or simply hoping for the confidence to try something bolder.  Our colour & design experts will ensure the distinctive Farrow & Ball look is made uniquely yours, inside and out, whatever the style of your space.


During their home visit your Colour & Design Consultant will listen to your inspiration and ideas, discovering the look your hoping to achieve and the way in which you use each room.  They will carefully consider the space, light and architecture of your rooms.  You will then be walked through each suggested scheme and together settle on a look that is unique to you, your home and your lifestyle.