About Us

About Hansen & Lubbers


Craig & Richard are the principle design team behind Hansen & Lubbers.  They provide at-home services that will take the stress and hassle of choosing colours for your home, and make it a wonderful experience.  Their design and colour theory background will quietly set you apart from others and make your home suit you!


Hansen & Lübbers proudly offers environmentally conscious paints and wallpapers made in England by Farrow & Ball. Offering great depths of colour, the selection is carefully edited to 132 shades with suggested finishes for interiors and exteriors. All colour and finishes in the current palette and the  archived collection, are mixed onsite the same day to minimize your wait time.

History of Farrow & Ball


Welcome to Farrow & Ball.  It all started back in 1946 with pioneers John Farrow and Richard Ball.  Farrow and Ball shared a passion for making rich colours and original formulations, while using only the finest of ingredients.

Farrow & Ball built their first factory in Verwood, Dorset and were the paint suppliers for Ford Motor company, Raleigh Bicycles, the Admiralty, and the War Office.  In the 1970’s & 1980’s when many companies began creating acrylic paints, Farrow & Ball chose to uphold their original recipes and retained the traditional identity.

In the 90’s Tom Helme and corporate financier, Martin Ephson took on the company.  With their guidance and leadership Farrow & Ball began to grow and focused on restoring heritage properties with colours that were appropriate to their era.  In 1995, Farrow & Ball began making artisanal wallpaper using traditional block and trough printing methods and the quality Farrow & Ball paints.

In 2010, Farrow & Ball’s entire range of oil based paints were moved to an eco-friendly water-based finish with a low VOC content.  We make a commitment to being responsible to the environment through our recyclable paint tins, to our responsibly sourced wallpapers.  Making sure that our paint and wallpaper are as kind to the environment and the people who use them remains at the heart of everything Farrow & Ball does.  Today the unique Farrow & Ball look transforms modern and traditional homes, large and small, inside and out around the world.



Our water based low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints are eco-friendly and with their low odor are great for your home.  Farrow & Ball is committed to helping protect the environment – it’s something we value and it’s something we live by.  From the creation of our water based paints and wallpapers that are printed onto responsibly sourced paper, to raw materials, energy use, packaging and distribution, we are motivated by a desire to care for our environment.


Everyone at Farrow & Ball is committed to reducing, reusing and recycling.  There are no solvents or emissions in the manufacture of our paints and papers.  As our paints are water based, brushes and rollers can be washed with warm soapy water after use – eliminating the need to use any polluting white spirit solutions.  Our empty paint tins after use can be recycled at many local recycling centers.  Currently 95% of the waste we create producing our paints and papers is recyclable (including paint tins, paper and packaging), reducing the need to landfill – we aim for continuous improvement.